Fluorite from the Rogerley Mine, Weardale, Northern England.

Penetration-twinned fluorite crystals from the Bluebirds Pocket no. 2, July 2015.

The Rogerley Mine is located in the historic Weardale mining District of Northern England. First discovered by Lindsay Greenbank and Mike Sutcliffe in the early 1970's, it is to date, the only mine in all of Britian to be worked on a commercial scale solely for the recovery of crystallized mineral specimens. Since the summer of 1999, UK Mining Ventures has operated the Rogerley Mine on a seasonal basis, producing many fine, well crystallized specimens of green fluorite.

If you are interested in learning more about the Rogerley Mine, the history and geology of the Weardale area, or obtaining specimens from the mine, please check out the rest of this site.

Blooming heather provides a bit of color for the northern autumn.

Bringing you the best fluorite that a muddy little hole in the ground in North England has to offer.

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