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UK Mining Ventures has specimens of green and purple fluorite from the Rogerley Mine for sale on both a wholesale and retail basis, in all size and price ranges. Wholesale lots are available by the flat and are priced at keystone (50% discount from retail). Individual retail specimens are priced net, but discounts for volume purchases are available. If interested, please inquire.

Rogerley Retail Specimens Wholesale Flats Specimens from Other Locations

Please see our Ordering Information page for terms and conditions of sale.

International Customers Please Note: All specimens available on this website will be shipped from California, USA. We have received numerous complaints lately about very slow delivery to European countries. The only way around this problem is to use express mail (EMS). It is more expensive, but is the only way to guarantee you will receive your order quickly. Please see our Ordering Information page for more information.

We also occasionally sell specimens at auction on This is an excellent multi-user site offering both retail sales and auctions of mineral specimens. Please check it out

Our European Associates:

Jurgen Margraf and his wife Margit operate a shop "Kristall" in the scenic Bavarian village of Mittenwald and sell at numerous shows on the European continent. They will be offering Rogerley Mine fluorite on both a wholesale and retail basis. In the UK Mark Wrigley of Thames Valley Minerals will be selling Rogerley fluorite on a retail basis at shows around Britain and from his website. In France, fluorite fanatic Etienne Guillou is now offering a selection of our produce through his very informative website. Please see below for contact information.

Specimens of Rogerley Mine fluorite may also be purchased directly from the following folks at most major US and European shows or by correspondence.

  • Cal Graeber Fine Minerals (USA), e-mail:, phone: (00 1) 760-723-9292, fax: (00 1) 760-723-0497.

  • UK Mining Ventures, Jesse Fisher (USA), e-mail:, phone: (00 1) 415-821-2413, fax: (00 1) 415-821-0979.

  • Tomasz Praszkier, Spirifer Minerals Minerals, - also on ebay.

  • Stan Esbenshade, Midwest Minerals, phone/fax: 520-293-8474 - wholesale only, North America.

  • Jurgen Margraf, Kristall, phone/fax: (49) (0)8823-932410, e-mail: - retail and wholesale, Germany.

  • Etienne Guillou,, - retail, France.

  • Mark Wrigley, Thames Valley Minerals, - retail, UK.

Please note: Our associated dealers have their own stock of specimens. Anything offered for sale on this site should be ordered directly from UK Mining Ventures.

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